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Growing up I always loved my food. Those easy-to-please, simple peanut butter sandwiches (white bread only) and chocolate chip cookies evolved to personalized, thin crust pizzas and homemade biscotti's... a lot of it! My love for food didn't translate to a healthy diet what so ever. I mean, I did love my morning walks on the beach and had my moments of 'dieting' . Still, not really a healthy lifestyle. My interest for health and wellness started when I decided to pay a visit to a well recommended nutritionist. She introduced some basic values of a healthy lifestyle and how to become aware of what we put in our mouth. The simple notion to record a food diary, and the idea of how much working out was required for there to be results.


While I was in this metamorphosis of lifestyles, I continuously researched everything from macronutrients, portion control and what exactly is a plant-based diet? My love for fitness grew tremendously, which became an essential part of my daily schedule.  This kind of lifestyle changes definitely don't happen all of a sudden. To be honest, I would say at least a good ten years of research and habit alterations. 


After getting married, a change of location (from Sydney to LA), having two beautiful children and finally feeling settled I had a moment to decide what I wanted to do in my life. The idea of becoming a health coach was apparent after a long discussion with a friend of mine (upon many others), teaching her the basics of what she had to do to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. The passion and excitement I had after that conversation was the epiphany I needed. I decided from then to get my qualifications and more knowledge to be able to continue sharing my passion with many others.


After working hard and researching (there is always more research to do) for years I created a program; It's Personal. I am so excited to share this program, Designed for each individual client packed with loads of menus, work out programs and an abundant amount of knowledge for you to maintain this healthy lifestyle. 


For more information on It's Personal; the program and how to sign up click here


Looking forward to hear from you guys and excited for you to experience this incredible lifestyle change. 


Your coach,



Integrative Health Practitioner


Sports Nutrition Specialist


Fitness Instructor 

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