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How personal do you need to get?

The process of creating this program happened when I discovered that "white space" in the market. A program built to cater to the larger public but dodge the "one program fix all".


You may rebut by mentioning many programs that is of essence of what i'm describing, but I want to go deeper than that. I really want my clients to gain the knowledge to understand scientifically and literally what their body needs. This will not only transform their body and lifestyle but their mind frame as well. I want my clients to gain something out of our sessions and leave with that confidence that if they do feel like they are heading backwards, they know that they have the control and knowledge to pick themselves right back up.



Now this can only come with a bit of trial and error but when you figure out that perfect equation of what and how to treat your body and mind, it will be all worth it. 


I studied Sports Nutrition to gain knowledge on how to scientifically eat right for your body and activity levels. Then moved onto Integrative Medicine to gain a wider range of knowledge on how and what to eat (and treat your body) when there is a deeper route cause that needs 'fixing'.


The foundation of the It's Personal program is based on four rules that I believe 90% of my clients can benefit from. These are lifestyle changes that can turn into second nature habits andtransformyourlifeintoa mostly effortless wellbeing. Once we established the foundation we then collaboratively build up a plan; adjusting accordingly to each client. Here is where the of the personalization begins.


While one client may need (lets say) a low carb diet, others may not even need to think about their macronutrients. Some want to count their calories and others want to stick to a strict Paleo lifestyle. All very different lifestyles.


My thoughts? Understand the why, why do you want to eat this way? Why do you want to go paleo, low carb? Why do you want to count those calories? Are you looking to loose weight? Gain energy? Loose a quick five for an event? Get rid of any ongoing gut issues?


If the why and how measures up and it is working for you and what your body needs, well thats all the equating we need to do. Like I said, this is a journey and i'm here to help coach and guide you through it.


{For those who choose not to join the It's Personal program}

Working in a field that relies heavily on constant communication, I am happy to really delve deep into social media, meet new faces and help by doing what I love; Teach.

Teach those studies that I have spent all day researching on. Teach how you can gain control over your life and your overall health, and be there as your constant cheerleader because I really believe that if you go deep enough into your "bad habits", lifestyle choices or living situation you can find the root cause, reverse those nasty symptoms, get to your goal weight and revive your overall health. 


Your Coach,



It's Personal Coach

About Me:

Hi, I'm Leah a certified Integrative Health Practitioner and Sports Nutrition Specialist. Combinding my years of research and studies I bring together the scientific and realistic aproach to allow my clients to create the best life possible. I work in unison with my clients to adjust accordingly to the feedback to personalize their program and get the results they are looking for. 

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