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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm pregnant, is it safe for me to diet?

Diet? Let's take diet out of our vocabulary while you are creating a human inside of you!

It's Personal has a special program for all you soon to be mamas. 

It will include the same information you will get in the original program, plus:

  • An understanding of nutrients needed while pregnant

  • Information on how to safely stay fit and healthy while pregnant

  • Prenatal workouts throughout pregnancy

  • Information regarding fetus nutritional needs throughout pregnancy


I just had a baby, should I be thinking to join yet?

Absolutely! Just make sure to wait about 6 weeks and speak to your doctor before. Having a baby is an amazing experience!  Changes in your lifestyle will be made, whether you like it or not! The lack of sleep, less time to yourself, don't worry it's not all that bad, just changes you will have to work with. A special program is designed for this chapter of your life, It will include the original program plus:

  • An understanding of nutrients for breastfeeding mothers

  • Work out programs to ease your way back into an active lifestyle

  • Information on what exactly is going on with your body

  • How to achieve results quickly


What if I don't live in Los Angeles?

That is totally fine! We will keep in touch with optional phone calls/video calls or just old fashion emails. Your program will be emailed in Printable PDF format and I will present to you a program designed based on your needs. Fitness programs can be incorporated. The only thing that won't be included would be the face to face consultation.


What if I want a trial?

That is totally understandable. I always suggest the health coach and client should be on the same page. I offer a 30-minute FREE consultation to discuss your goals and my values and outlook on getting you there.


Does this program offer any guarantees? 

Since everyone's body reacts differently to lifestyle changes I don't make a '30 day guarantee' kind of statement. Instead, I guarantee a) the knowledge to gain control over your life's changes, b) an internal change (energy, lightness, and overall health) & c) if you commit to living a healthy lifestyle you will see a difference in your weight.


I want to join, what do I do?

Amazing! Are you ready for this transformation? Simply choose the plan that suits you best, you can choose to email or call me (information over at the contact page). Any questions will be welcomed and I look forward to working with you!

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