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It's Personal Program; the background 

When creating The It's Personal Program, my goal was to launch then adjust. I knew I had visions in what I wanted to offer and ever since the start of this program, it has been expanding its capabilities. I wanted to create something people would find realistic and less intimidating, but I wanted to offer so much.  The best way (and staying true to the brand) of giving everyone what they want/need, I wanted to create different options, different packages, and a wide variety at that to really niche into what you may be looking for. To create the right program for yourself, read on to see what program is right for you. Like always, contact me with any follow-up questions and I will be happy to be there to give you some guidance. 

- Your coach, Leah.


What do you want to change? 

Weight loss, Weight gain, less bloating, more energy, anti-aging, digestive support and more. Primarily these can be fixed with a change in your diet. That said, changes in your lifestyle and wellness will boost that change and present you with incredible and quicker results.

Suggestion: Look at the package deal (1) to learn how to gain new healthy and long term habits to transform your life. If changes were made and you still aren't getting any results, I would suggest then checking out package deal (2) to get to your root cause. 


Hormonal issues, insomnia, Digestive disorders ( Heartburn, IBS, SIBO & other gut issues) chronic fatigue and more. Now I would suggest we take a closer look. It may feel like something you just 'deal with' but these side effects don't have to become you. It is important to see why these things are happening in your body and reverse it. 

Suggestion: Look at package deal (2) & (3) to take your health to the next level. Like I said some of these side effects could have been something you are so used to but it doesn't have to be that way.


What can I offer you?

I am a certified Sports Nutrition Specialist as well as Integrative Health Practitioner... So what does this mean? 


Sports Nutrition gave me a deeper understanding of how much your body needs and depend on food. Food is actually not the enemy and I want to change your perception and view it as fuel. Your body won't run the way it should without the right nutrition. I want to bring you that knowledge and show you how you can 'fuel' your body accordingly to your lifestyle.


Integrative medicine really allowed me the ability to give my clients more. Bringing together all types of medicine (Ayurvedic, Functional, Traditional Chinese medicine & herbalism, Traditional Naturopathy, Bio-regulatory,  Orthomolecular and Eastern Philosophy.) This new perspective creates a whole new element to The It's Personal Program. Touching on all aspects of your life and finding what medicine works for you. 


Lab Testing - Attached to being an Integrative health practitioner, I became accustomed to digging deep into root caused issues and how to prevent autoimmune diseases or reverse it. (Disclaimer;  As a health coach I am not a conventional doctor and do not diagnose health conditions, instead bring you the knowledge as to what is going on in your body on a cellular level). Lab testing is one quick way to really point out what is happening

inside your body and how you can change it. I would use Equilibrium Nutrition as my go-to for lab tests since they are state-of-the-art tests and coming from a reliable source...More to come soon.



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